Alabama Senator Doug Jones Endorses Phil Noble for Governor

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Alabama Senator Doug Jones Endorses Phil Noble for Governor

While Poll Shows Noble in Lead by Over 5%
Announcement touts Noble’s commitment to equal rights, early statewide lead

(Charleston, SC) Calling Noble “a truly principled, progressive leader,” Senator Doug Jones, the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in Alabama in over 25 years, today endorsed Charleston businessman and technology entrepreneur Phil Noble for the Democratic nomination for Governor of South Carolina.

Full text of Senator Jones’ endorsement:

“I’m proud to support my friend Phil Noble for Governor of South Carolina.

For years, Phil and I have been working together to reform and revive the Democratic Party in the South. My win was a step – and now the next fight is Phil’s for Governor in South Carolina.

I know Phil is a truly principled, progressive leader committed to real reform —something I know is sorely needed in South Carolina’s state government.

And, Phil can win. A just-released poll shows him in the lead by 5%!

My victory in Alabama was first and foremost a victory of, by and for Alabamians. But, we did get lots of support from many throughout the country – people like you who want a complete change of course from today’s broken politics. If we could do it in Alabama, it can happen in South Carolina!

Phil lived in Alabama in the civil rights era and I’ve long known about Phil’s family—and his father who was one of the first white community leaders in Alabama to stand up for civil rights and oppose George Wallace. For a long time after, the Nobles withstood a barrage of threats and harassment from the KKK and other white supremacists. But they never wavered and stood their ground for what’s right.

I hope that whether you’re in South Carolina or not, you’ll join me in supporting Phil, and giving him the same boost that I got from so many people around the country. You can make the difference.

I won my election because I was not a political insider and I challenged the corruption of politics as usual. I know that Phil will win because he is fighting for the same things.

Integrity matters now more than ever, and Phil will bring great integrity to the Governor’s office.”

Noble said he is very excited to get this endorsement. “Doug is clearing a path for reform-minded governors like those in North Carolina, Virginia, and Louisiana. We in South Carolina are itching to join them,” Noble stated adding, “Jones won in Alabama because he was the candidate of big change and real reform…the same things my campaign is all about and that is why I will win in South Carolina.”

Jones’ statement also highlighted last week’s Trafalgar Group poll showing Noble with an early lead in every part of the state and among all demographic groups. “I have only been in this race eight weeks, but I’ve been overwhelmed by the enthusiasm everywhere I have been. To have Doug’s encouragement and support only makes me more determined to lead our Democratic party and our state into a new era,” Noble said.


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