Campaign Update: Making Waves and Making Progress

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Campaign Update: Making Waves and Making Progress

Since I announced last month, we’ve been making waves and making progress!

Here’s what I’ve been doing:

First and foremost, we have established our candidacy as the one true Democratic independent reformer – determined to fight the corrupt statehouse crowd that is giving us broken and dysfunctional politics.

Second, we have refused to accept political action committee (PAC) money that is corrupting our politics. I’m the only candidate – Democrat or Republican – who has refused PAC money.

Third, we called for the Attorney General to appoint an independent special prosecutor to investigate SCE&G, Santee Cooper and the legislature about the $9 billion nuclear scandal to determine if laws have been broken – and send people to jail if they have.

Fourth, we took a bold stand on health care reform and demanded that Gov. McMaster accept the federal Medicaid funds to provide decent health care for over 123,000 South Carolinians who do not have it now.

Fifth, we launched a petition challenging members of the legislature to return the contributions they have received from the utility companies. Only four members – two Democrats and two Republicans – have done so. I’m not going to stop demanding big change and real reform until South Carolina taxpayers get their money back and their rates lowered, and those that are responsible for this mess (including our placid and sometimes corrupt legislators) are held responsible.

The campaign itself has been going very well. After the launch, we’ve had some great events, and I’ve gotten enormous support from people all over this state who are dissatisfied with corrupt statehouse politics and are ready for reform.

I am not the candidate of the Democratic establishment – they will provide big endorsements and big money to elect someone else.
I’m the underdog but I’m getting great grassroots support because Democrats are simply tired of losing, time after time, with the same kinds of candidates. They want someone that isn’t beholden to special interests and PACs or to the standard lobbyist-derived money sources that have controlled our politics for too long.

We’re getting positive media coverage and I know that as we move forward our message of reform and accountability will resonate among voters who clearly feel both are needed.

I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity. If you can make a donation here today, I’d be grateful.

– Phil

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