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MyrtleBeachSC Endorses Phil Nobel for Governor

The Democratic Choice June 12th Is Phil Noble

Horry and Georgetown County Democrats have several options for Governor this June 12th, but after careful evaluation, MyrtleBeachSC believes there is really only one true choice for fixing the stronghold issues that have plagued our state for generations – and may be able to win.

That choice is Phil Noble.

Noble has committed himself to tackling the problem right at its source. He was the first and only candidate in this cycle who confronted the South Carolina Chambers of Commerce about the colluded monies flowing from those Chambers directly into S.C. politicians’ pockets. Noble says he will take on and tear down the foundation of the RINO-STATE that defines current South Carolina politics. He plans to do so by putting a focus on the “behind the scenes” operatives who run the RINO-STATE.

In his remarks to the Chamber, Phil Noble said, “Two years ago after the Emanuel Nine shooting, the Chamber led the effort to take down the Confederate flag from the statehouse. I’m asking the Chamber [Of Commerce] to show this same bold leadership today and close their PAC and encourage other business organizations to the do the same.”

We believe Phil Noble will work for the residents of Horry County and not the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. Democrats who have grown tired of politics as usual and the bubble of insider dealings, should show up in force this June 12th.

Democrats looking to end the South Carolina RINO-STATE can turn to Phil Noble with confidence.

MyrtleBeachSC endorses Phil Noble as the peoples’ choice in the June 12th Democratic Primary.

by David Hucks

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Much to do this Earth Day

There is much we need to do this Earth Day.

In addition to doing our part to individually make sure our planet stays healthy– by planting trees, recycling, carpooling, or other means– we also must make sure we are filling our legislative chambers with pro-environment, anti-climate change elected officials.

This is imperative– right now, we are in the midst of an environmental crisis. We cannot sit idly by while D.C. GOP bigwigs plan to drill our amazing coasts and roll back environmental protections that safeguard our planet, our economy, and our health.

My team and I are committed to protecting our planet and our communities by enacting pro-environment legislation and reversing the effects of climate change– and we want you on board. Can you pitch in $5, $10, or any amount to help us make it all the way to the Governor’s seat this November?

With your help, we’ll win this fight.

– Phil

What South Carolina needs

South Carolina needs real Democratic leadership that doesn’t compromise on what’s important.

We must not resign ourselves to mediocre policy that doesn’t address the REAL needs of South Carolinians.

I’ve seen it time and again — our state has been chock full of leaders who have let the SC GOP bulldoze our education system. Many of them, like James Smith himself, sat passively for years with their “A” ratings from the NRA, making our schools and communities less safe as a result.

We MUST say no more to education and NRA pushovers who only speak out like Democrats during the heat of primary elections.

I will fight unabashedly for expanded healthcare, affordable education, good infrastructure, and plentiful jobs—without prevarication or compromise.

If you want to be a part of our movement to take back the SC Governor’s seat, consider a contribution of $5, $10, $15, or any amount here.

Thank you,

 – Phil

If they can, so can we.

As brave student activists march today in Parkland and across the country, their willingness to advocate for progress should be an inspiration to us all.

If school children can organize to promote change in their communities, so can the rest of us.

We need to up our game—that includes, especially, fighting to end NRA influence in politics and passing safer, smarter gun laws so our kids don’t have to fear going to school. For too long, incidents of gun violence like the tragedy in Parkland have continued to multiply while we sit in a partisan gridlock.

Our campaign pledges to take these brave students seriously by taking ACTION to promote gun safety. No NRA-supported politician is safe—nor are lukewarm moderates like James Smith who refuse to stand up to the NRA and bag their “A” ratings year after year.

If you agree, consider a contribution of any amount to our campaign. Our fundraising deadline is coming up in a week and we need all hands on deck to help us keep up our momentum.

Together, we’re working to create lasting change and smarter gun legislation.

Thank you.


I just got another endorsement!

Awesome news: Today, Former SC State Senator McKinley Washington, Jr. endorsed my campaign for Governor.

I’m incredibly humbled to have Senator Washington’s recognition—he’s a true blue community leader with over 25 years of public service under his belt and I respect him deeply.

He had this to say about the endorsement:

“[Phil]’s commitment to civil rights, equality, and the economic and social advancement of the African-American community is unmatched. It is a sense of duty and humanity that I know to have been deeply rooted in his upbringing. Phil’s father is a Presbyterian minister and civil rights legend who went toe to toe with the Alabama KKK back in the 1960’s. He set a courageous example for Phil as he stood unwaveringly as he rose to the top of the KKK’s Alabama hit list.

Phil has been courageous enough to call out failure and corruption and then do something about it. Seeing the mass disenfranchisement in our state back in 1984, he started the Palmetto Project and one of the first initiatives helped register over 150,000 new voters in SC. Seeing the toll high prescription drug costs had on the poor and the elderly, he started Welvista to provide free prescriptions and preventative care to those populations. I’m endorsing Phil Noble because his track record proves he is the best person, Democrat or Republican, to lead our state.”

With his endorsement, Sen. Washington joins a growing list of leaders—including Alabama Senator Doug Jones and Anderson Mayor Terence Roberts—who believe my campaign is the best choice for our state because of its unwavering commitment to economic, racial, and social equality for all.

As you can see, this campaign is picking up speed by the day, but I need your help to keep up the good work. Contribute $10, $15, $25, or whatever you can afford today—even the smallest amount makes a huge difference.

Thank you,

— Phil

James and Guns

When we let the NRA meddle in our politics, this is what we get. We MUST ELECT leaders who will stand up to NRA influence.

My democratic opponent, James Smith, will NOT be that person for South Carolina. Four times Smith has received A ratings and three times he was endorsed by the NRA. That’s not what I say about Smith—that’s what the NRA says about Smith.

A Democrat can’t win SC”

People tell me all the time: “A Democrat can’t win in South Carolina.”

I’ve never agreed with that statement, but now I have another reason not to—Conor Lamb just ran a Democratic campaign in the middle of Trump country and WON.

When Conor first announced he was running for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional seat, people believed he didn’t stand a chance. But by being himself, representing the values of his district, and working hard, Conor took home a victory in an area that Trump won by 20 points.

Conor’s race shows us that races in “red states” CAN be won, including my own. Voters across the nation are sick and tired of officials like Henry McMaster who won’t listen to them and an administration that actively puts them in danger. They’re ready for real, concrete change.

I’m bringing that change to South Carolina. I’m running a campaign like Conor’s—one that puts voters first, focuses on economic prosperity for working families, and expands access to quality jobs and healthcare.

My team and I know we have what it takes to win this governor’s race—but we want you on board. Donate $5, $10, $25, or whatever you can afford to join our team today. Every amount brings us that much closer to victory in November.

– Phil

We must listen to our kids

Today, students across the country are marching to protest gun violence and call for increased gun safety legislation—and I’m behind them 100%.

As many tragedies like the one last month in Parkland have shown, our children are on the front lines when it comes to gun violence. While the epidemic has ballooned due to NRA influence in the political process, they have suffered through shooting after shooting, scared to go to school the next day.

Now, they’re done sitting by and watching nothing get done. They’re coming out in droves to call us to action, and we MUST LISTEN.

I vow to listen to these students and take action NOW—so today I am also challenging my fellow Democratic candidates for governor to join me in calling for the repeal of a 2014 law (S. 308) allowing concealed weapons to be carried into the state’s bars and restaurant establishments that serve alcohol.

For too long, lax gun laws that permit high-power weapons in our public spaces have made dangerous shoot-outs like the ones seen in Parkland a LOT more likely.

And despite what the NRA says, repealing this law will not infringe upon any person’s constitutional right to own a gun for their or their families’ protection—it will simply make senseless deaths less likely.

Democrats need to take a stand against the NRA and FOR sensible gun laws. With the people of South Carolina behind us, we will not fail.

— Phil