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New Endorsement: Mayor Terence Roberts

The mayor of Anderson, Terence Roberts, just announced his support for Democrat Phil Noble’s campaign for governor.

At the Anderson County Democratic Party convention Tuesday night, Roberts told the crowd he is impressed with Noble’s background as a business and technology consultant and that Noble “is not a politician — he’s a businessman.”

He also told those in attendance:

“My gut tells me he is the right candidate… But more importantly, my gut tells me it’s time for a Democrat.”

We thank Mayor Roberts for his endorsement!

Along with support from Roberts, Noble was also endorsed recently by U.S. Sen. Doug Jones—the first Democrat from Alabama to be voted into the Senate in 25 years. Jones defeated Roy Moore in December’s special election to replace Atty. Gen. Jeff Sessions vacant Senate seat.

The stakes are high this November midterm. It is critical we elect a Democrat who will fight for true Democratic values, strongly represent residents and put a stop to the rampant corruption that has been occurring at the top levels of SC government.

—Team Noble

The NRA’s ongoing threats.

In Trump’s America, it is acceptable to threaten the media, attack private citizens or Gold Star families, and deny empirical facts.

Well… we’ve had enough of the lies and constant killings. No other developed country in the world has this severe a problem—EXCEPT US. We need to change.

Help me become Governor so I can sign legislation into law that fixes these issues. My Democratic opponent, James Smith, has had multiple years of A ratings and endorsements from the NRA while others in the party got F’s. While he’s saying the right things now, he’s hardly a trustworthy advocate for gun safety. (He sponsored a bill allowing people to bring guns into bars!)

But just a few days ago NRA spokeswoman, Dana Loesch, released a YouTube video threatening journalists, Hollywood actors, and professional athletes. As Americans, it is our civic duty to stand up against this type of dangerous propaganda and overt lying.

Consequently, I call on ALL SC LEGISLATORS to denounce the NRA and disavow any positive ratings or endorsements from the NRA.

Please join my campaign for governor so we can reform this country’s broken gun laws and protect our children and communities: Give $15, $25, $50, or any amount you can spare. All amounts are extremely helpful.

Thank you for stepping up.

– Phil

Teachers aren’t making enough

South Carolina’s public education system is ranked 50TH IN THE COUNTRY. That’s right– dead LAST.

Let me be clear: this colossal failure is the direct byproduct of Henry McMaster and his cronies in the Legislature’s continual refusal to invest in our state’s teachers.

The current 2% pay raise proposed by the State House is not enough, nor is the measly $2,000 increase in starting salaries for teachers (up from $30,000 to $32,000). If we really, truly want to support our educators, we need to dramatically increase their pay.

If you agree and want to make this a reality, contribute to our campaign today.

When we support our teachers—with increased pay and benefits and strong support networks—our kids succeed too.

We CAN fund our teachers and schools and still have money left over for other important expenses like healthcare. To supplement our funding deficiencies, I support exploring private-public partnerships that increase revenue to our schools, helping both teachers and students as a result. We can also generate $3.1 billion in new revenue by closing existing tax loopholes.

Join my campaign and help me fight for increased pay, support, and respect for our teachers. Together, we can make one huge step towards reforming and repairing South Carolina’s public education system.

 – Phil

Republican leaders are attacking healthcare once again

South Carolina’s GOP leaders are stepping up their attacks on struggling American families and workers—or anyone who relies on affordable, quality healthcare.

Can you step up to make a quick contribution so we can protect the people who receive help from these programs? Give $5, $15, $25, $50, or any amount you choose—it all helps the campaign immensely.

These recent efforts by the Republican Party to sue the federal government and abolish the Affordable Care Act (ACA) would take away health coverage for almost 225,000 South Carolinians. This is without a doubt state government at its most cynical and corrupt.

Rather than trying to tear down the ACA, our political leaders should be pressing Congress and the White House to expand Medicare, Medicaid, and finally fix problems like increasing premiums and the high cost of prescription medicine. Young families, middle-income adults, and struggling workers should not have to pay monthly premiums anywhere near $1700 or be expected to spend thousands of dollars on basic care or medicine.

South Carolina Republicans have already denied hundreds of thousands of South Carolinians easy access to health coverage by refusing to expand Medicaid, which would’ve added very little to the state budget.

However, they are once again reminding us that playing party politics and pandering to super-rich donors like the Koch brothers is far more important to them than the well-being of South Carolina residents and families WHO ARE THE ACTUAL FOUNDATION of our state economy.

Help me get to the South Carolina governorship so I can clean out our broken and corrupted state political system. Major reforms are coming, but first, we need to come together to build up more momentum. If you’re able to join and support the campaign, please make a contribution of $5, $15, $25, $50, $100, or any amount of your choosing.

– Phil Noble

Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Phil Noble issues statement on Smiths’ NRA record

(Charelston, SC) – Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Phil Noble issued the following statement:

“What happened in South Florida is yet another unimaginable tragedy, but it’s also what happens when politicians fall in line with the NRA, year after year.

I’m dismayed by hollow, hypocritical words of condolences by politicians like James Smith. Smith has voted over and over again with the NRA, getting A ratings and now tries to fool people that he is on the right side. He had a chance to do something after Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook but while others stood for our safety, he sided with the NRA time and time again. He doesn’t get it.

He doesn’t get to cry crocodile tears over a national tragedy he’s been enabling. He should apologize for his record and everyone who has ever earned the endorsement of the NRA should wake up to the carnage they’ve contributed to facilitating.

South Carolina has one of the most lax set of gun laws in the country because of legislators like Smith and our kids and families are in grave danger. Smith’s NRA Report card should disqualify him as a potential Democratic nominee.”

James Smith NRA Report Card

James Smith NRA Report Card

View Smiths’ 2006 – 2016 NRA Ratings and Endorsements

Screenshots from the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund Website

South Carolina’s water supply is being threatened

The Trump Administration has decided to suspend the Clean Water Rule, which will soon jeopardize the drinking water of almost half the state.

Clean, abundant water is one of the most important resources we have, so we should all be greatly concerned with the rollback of these environmental protections, which keep pollution out of South Carolina’s rivers, streams, and lakes.

State residents need access to clean, safe water. It is necessary for public health and the economy.

We need to be fighting back against these types of reckless handouts to mining and industry groups, and we need to make sure SC’s current Attorney General Alan Wilson does also.

Just the other day, lead and other contaminants were found in Denmark, South Carolina’s water supply. The LAST THING we should be worrying about is a Flint, Michigan type water crisis happening here in the Palmetto State.

Please help me become governor so I can fight for our water, environment, and the public health of state residents. The public should at least have a chance to weigh in before these types of safeguards are removed.

There is so much we need to change in this state… I don’t know about you, but I am eager to get started. Contribute to the campaign $5, $25, $50, $150, or any amount of your choosing to help the campaign get there.

—Phil Noble

Charleston Business Magazine: 50 Most Influential People of 2017

Charleston Business Magazine celebrates another year of honoring the region’s most influential people. The selection of the 50 Most Influential is a result of staff research and community nominations of individuals who have made a lasting impact on the Lowcountry this year.

Phil Noble
EnvisionSC | Co-Founder
Phil Noble is a business and technology consultant from Charleston and his firm has worked in more than 40 countries. Noble is the founder of three statewide nonprofit initiatives: The Palmetto Project, One Laptop Per Child South Carolina, and World Class Scholars, an online global student exchange program. Noble has also served on advisory boards at Clemson, USC and the College of Charleston, and was a Fellow at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard. Noble is currently a candidate for Governor of South Carolina.

See the entire list here.

Press Release: Phil Noble Hires Brandon Upson as Campaign Manager

(Charleston, SC) – Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Noble has hired campaign veteran Brandon Upson as his campaign manager.

Upson is an Aiken, SC native who got his political start in 2010 as a regional field organizer for Organizing for America (OFA), the organizing arm of President Obama’s campaign. He orchestrated the field strategy that helped elect Mayor Joe Riley in a hotly contested re-election bid in 2011 – winning with 68% of the vote. Since 2010, he has managed and/or consulted nearly three dozen campaigns across the country. Brandon has been trained by the Front Line Leaders Academy, New Leaders Council, Camp Wellstone, Democracy for America, and The DCCC.

As of this announcement, Upson joins a very short list of African Americans who have led campaigns for executive office in the country.

“Brandon’s addition is a major boost to this campaign. He has an incredibly sharp mind, deep connections within South Carolina, and great instincts. I am confident he will help get us even closer to victory,” said Phil Noble.

“I know for a fact that there are extremely talented political operatives of color across this country. Any number of them could lead a major campaign to victory, we only need an opportunity to lead. I’m grateful that Phil has trusted me with this opportunity. Hopefully, this race will open the door for operatives that look like me,” said Upson.

Brandon is an Iraqi War Veteran, husband, and father of three.

Charleston Grit: Phil Noble

While many of today’s political figures who feel the call for public service later in life, Phil Noble began his political career while still in elementary school.

The year was 1960, and the historic election would see John F. Kennedy Jr. win the White House. After watching candidate Kennedy on the television with his father, Noble raced to the local Kennedy campaign office and eagerly distributed Kennedy election materials within his community, in process becoming an official member of the Democratic Party when the time came. Now, the same man who helped Kennedy reach office is seeking to become South Carolina’s next Democratic Governor.

The son of a preacher, Noble was born in Greenville, SC and would spend many years in Alabama, eventually returning to South Carolina in the 1980s. The creation of his own firm, Noble and Associations, has allowed him to work in the last 25 years with clients from over 40 countries, resulting in a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from small family-owned companies to the British Broadcasting Corporation.

Within his home state, Noble established three nonprofits, The Palmetto Project, One Laptop Per Child South Carolina, and World Class Scholars that continue to serve critical public issues within South Carolina.

Although the majority of his political career has been spent behind the scenes advising other political candidates, Noble believes the combination of his consulting experience with hands-on observations on what constituents want in their elected officials affords him the best abilities to serve a dynamic, diverse, and growing state.

“We have a state that’s changing demographically and culturally” Noble explained, “and we need a leader who is able to work with both sides of government to achieve new results”.

Noble believes that as new constituents moving in from other parts of the nation, the current national climate could see South Carolina follow in the steps of Virginia and Alabama and elect a Democrat to the state’s highest office.

“It’s definitely a stronger possibility than in previous election cycles”, Noble explained.

And as the recent endorsement of Noble by new Alabama Senator Jones shows, the Democratic Party is also seeing a future South Carolina that turns purple, if not blue again.

For his part, Noble is basing his platform on creating much-needed change when he takes office. A core aspect of his policy would be to “sit down, and reinvest in education”. With test results and surveys placing South Carolina’s school consistently near last place, to Noble the future “can only get better from here”.

“What we want is for all students of all backgrounds to obtain all the educational goals they need”, Noble stated. “All options are on the table.”

Noble also has not shied away from his views on the failed VC Project and its impact on South Carolinians. As he put it simply, “all of the money should be given back, and all people involved with the project should go to jail”.

Noble so far has been the only candidate to request for a special prosecutor to look into the failed nuclear project in addition to having an independent commission set up to review why the plant project was allowed to continue as it did with disastrous results.

Overall though, Noble looks forward to a new era for South Carolina; an era in which a one-party dominant system is no more.

“We need to get in new people, with new ideas, for a fresh perspective on how to make our state rise to the great heights it can reach” Noble explained.

“We as a state, and most important the future generations, deserve no less”.

Phil Noble to Deliver His Response to the State of the State Address via Internet Livestreaming

(Charleston, SC) – Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Phil Noble will deliver his response to Governor Henry McMaster’s State of the State Address tomorrow night via the Internet:

EVENT: Phil Noble’s Response to the State of the State Address

SPEAKING TIME: Wed., 1/24 at 9 P.M. – Phil will deliver his speech at 9 P.M. for about 10 minutes, followed by another 10 minutes where he will have a Q&A segment with online viewers.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Phil’s speech will be Simulcast Live over 12 different Social Media platforms. The hyperlink for this live event will be made available within an hour before the
9 PM event via the following campaign web pages:

HOST: “The MinorityEye” is the originating host, along with their affiliates, who approached the Phil Noble Campaign with this opportunity because they were not happy with the House Democratic Caucus and SCETV having Rep. James Smith deliver the Democratic Response to the Governor’s Address. They wanted to give equal time to Noble and a vehicle to deliver his response without using traditional corporate media to the people of South Carolina.