A Democrat can’t win SC”

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A Democrat can’t win SC”

People tell me all the time: “A Democrat can’t win in South Carolina.”

I’ve never agreed with that statement, but now I have another reason not to—Conor Lamb just ran a Democratic campaign in the middle of Trump country and WON.

When Conor first announced he was running for Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional seat, people believed he didn’t stand a chance. But by being himself, representing the values of his district, and working hard, Conor took home a victory in an area that Trump won by 20 points.

Conor’s race shows us that races in “red states” CAN be won, including my own. Voters across the nation are sick and tired of officials like Henry McMaster who won’t listen to them and an administration that actively puts them in danger. They’re ready for real, concrete change.

I’m bringing that change to South Carolina. I’m running a campaign like Conor’s—one that puts voters first, focuses on economic prosperity for working families, and expands access to quality jobs and healthcare.

My team and I know we have what it takes to win this governor’s race—but we want you on board. Donate $5, $10, $25, or whatever you can afford to join our team today. Every amount brings us that much closer to victory in November.

– Phil

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