If they can, so can we.

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If they can, so can we.

As brave student activists march today in Parkland and across the country, their willingness to advocate for progress should be an inspiration to us all.

If school children can organize to promote change in their communities, so can the rest of us.

We need to up our game—that includes, especially, fighting to end NRA influence in politics and passing safer, smarter gun laws so our kids don’t have to fear going to school. For too long, incidents of gun violence like the tragedy in Parkland have continued to multiply while we sit in a partisan gridlock.

Our campaign pledges to take these brave students seriously by taking ACTION to promote gun safety. No NRA-supported politician is safe—nor are lukewarm moderates like James Smith who refuse to stand up to the NRA and bag their “A” ratings year after year.

If you agree, consider a contribution of any amount to our campaign. Our fundraising deadline is coming up in a week and we need all hands on deck to help us keep up our momentum.

Together, we’re working to create lasting change and smarter gun legislation.

Thank you.


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