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What happened in South Florida is yet another unimaginable tragedy, but it’s also what happens when politicians fall in line with the NRA, year after year.

I’m dismayed by hollow, hypocritical words of condolences by politicians like James Smith.

Smith has voted over and over again with the NRA, getting A ratings and now tries to fool people that he is on the right side. He had a chance to do something after Virginia Tech and Sandy Hook but while others stood for our safety, he sided with the NRA time and time again. He doesn’t get it.

He doesn’t get to cry crocodile tears over a national tragedy he’s been enabling. He should apologize for his record and everyone who has ever earned the endorsement of the NRA should wake up to the carnage they’ve contributed to facilitating.

South Carolina has one of the most lax set of gun laws in the country because of legislators like Smith and our kids and families are in grave danger. Smith’s NRA Report card should disqualify him as a potential Democratic nominee.

I stand for common-sense gun safety legislation, including but not limited to a ban on assault rifles.

No one should feel concerned about being killed at school, church, or in a movie theater. There are things we can do to keep the public safe and make it more difficult for those intent on doing harm. Putting our faith in the hands of someone who has been endorsed by the NRA in the past is not one of them.

– Phil

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