We must listen to our kids

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We must listen to our kids

Today, students across the country are marching to protest gun violence and call for increased gun safety legislation—and I’m behind them 100%.

As many tragedies like the one last month in Parkland have shown, our children are on the front lines when it comes to gun violence. While the epidemic has ballooned due to NRA influence in the political process, they have suffered through shooting after shooting, scared to go to school the next day.

Now, they’re done sitting by and watching nothing get done. They’re coming out in droves to call us to action, and we MUST LISTEN.

I vow to listen to these students and take action NOW—so today I am also challenging my fellow Democratic candidates for governor to join me in calling for the repeal of a 2014 law (S. 308) allowing concealed weapons to be carried into the state’s bars and restaurant establishments that serve alcohol.

For too long, lax gun laws that permit high-power weapons in our public spaces have made dangerous shoot-outs like the ones seen in Parkland a LOT more likely.

And despite what the NRA says, repealing this law will not infringe upon any person’s constitutional right to own a gun for their or their families’ protection—it will simply make senseless deaths less likely.

Democrats need to take a stand against the NRA and FOR sensible gun laws. With the people of South Carolina behind us, we will not fail.

— Phil

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