Press Release: Democrat Phil Noble Calls for End of PACs To Fight Corruption

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Press Release: Democrat Phil Noble Calls for End of PACs To Fight Corruption

Challenges Opponents to Stop Taking Special Interest Money

(Kiawah Island, SC) – Today at the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce’s Gubernatorial Candidate Forum, Democratic candidate Phil Noble called for an end to state political action committees (PACs) and challenged the other candidates to follow his lead.

In his remarks to the Chamber, Noble said, “Two years ago after the Emanuel Nine shooting, the Chamber led the effort to take down the Confederate flag from the statehouse. I’m asking the Chamber to show this same bold leadership today and close their PAC and encourage other business organizations to the do the same.”

Citing the ongoing statehouse corruption scandal, the related nuclear scandal and the millions spent by PACs on political contributions, Noble said, “There is a disease of corruption in the statehouse and it is contagious, infectious and its spreading. PACs are a big part of this corruption and we should end them today.”

Noble said that he was the only candidate, Democrat or Republican who has refused PAC money. “I know that this puts me at a disadvantage in the campaign but a leader should lead and I’m leading on this and I hope that other candidates will follow”, said Noble. “It’s the right thing to do for our state.”

Talking with members of the media after the Forum, Noble outlined two reforms he believes are essential to restoring integrity to the state legislature and the Governor’s office:

  1. No office holder who takes PAC money should be part of any investigation or decision making affecting organizations related to the PAC.
  2. If you take money from a PAC, you should be forced to recuse yourself from any vote that affects the organization affiliated with the PAC.

Noble cited the example of the current statehouse utilities investigation saying, “There are 32 members of the Legislature on committees investigating the utilities scandal and news report show that every one of them took campaign money from utilities. That’s a clear conflict of interest.”

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