Teachers aren’t making enough

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Teachers aren’t making enough

South Carolina’s public education system is ranked 50TH IN THE COUNTRY. That’s right– dead LAST.

Let me be clear: this colossal failure is the direct byproduct of Henry McMaster and his cronies in the Legislature’s continual refusal to invest in our state’s teachers.

The current 2% pay raise proposed by the State House is not enough, nor is the measly $2,000 increase in starting salaries for teachers (up from $30,000 to $32,000). If we really, truly want to support our educators, we need to dramatically increase their pay.

If you agree and want to make this a reality, contribute to our campaign today.

When we support our teachers—with increased pay and benefits and strong support networks—our kids succeed too.

We CAN fund our teachers and schools and still have money left over for other important expenses like healthcare. To supplement our funding deficiencies, I support exploring private-public partnerships that increase revenue to our schools, helping both teachers and students as a result. We can also generate $3.1 billion in new revenue by closing existing tax loopholes.

Join my campaign and help me fight for increased pay, support, and respect for our teachers. Together, we can make one huge step towards reforming and repairing South Carolina’s public education system.

 – Phil

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